2018 Turkish Technics in Amsterdam

Stand for Turkish Technics on MRO in Amsterdam. Stand was executed together with Reactor Architecture

Design: Reactor Architecture
Construction: ABYSS

2018 Nobel in Barcelona

Stand for Nobel on CPhI 2018 in Barcelona. The stand was executed in cooperation with Turkish company Saturn Architecture.

Design: Saturn Architecture
Construction: ABYSS

2018 International Masis Tabak in Dortmund

Stand for International Masis Tabak on Intertabac 2018 in Dortmund.

Design: Design Department of International Masis Tabak
Construction: ABYSS

2018 CRRC in Hanover

Stand for CRRC on IAA exhibition in Hanover. Stand area is 830 sqm, it is the biggest area we have built so far. The stand was done in cooperation with Demage, China.

Design: Demage
Constuction: ABYSS

2018 CRSC in Berlin

Stand for CRSC on Innotrans in Berlin. Stand done in cooperation with Demage, China.

Design: Demage
Construction: ABYSS

2018 Andrewex in Birmingham

Stand for Andrewex on garden exhibtion Glee in Birmingham. Stand executed together with Solution 4U

Stand Design: ABYSS
Stand construction: ABYSS

2018 Omax in Poznań

Stand for our long term partner, OMAX on ITM Poland in Poznań.

Stand Design: ABYSS(Danka)
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 HengFeng in Sofia

Stand for HengFeng on World Tobaco in Sofia. The project was executed with Demage, China

Stand design: Demage
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 TT in Sofia

Stand for TT on World Tobaco in Sofia. The stand was executed together with Demage

Stand Design: Demage
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 Beauty Trade Ukraine in Bologna

Stand for Beauty Trade Ukraine on Cosmoprof in Bologna

Stand Design: Nuevo Design
Stand Construction: ABYSS

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