Chosen realizations

Some examples of our executed projects

2010 Nexpower in Munich

Stand for Nexpower on Intersolar 2010 in Munich

2010 Cosmoprof in Bologna

Stands for Bell, Eveline and Kaj in Bologna in 2010

2010 HTL in Munster

Stand for HTL company in Munster in 2010

2010 ISPO in Munich

Stands for Sakay, Yoko and Sports Syndicate on 2010’s ISPO in Munich

2010 Champion in Basel

Stand for Champion company in 2010 in Basel

2010 Masters in Poznan

Stand for Masters Company from 2010 done in Poznan

2010 MAT in Hanover

Stand for MAT company on Domotex exhibition in Hanover in 2010

2010 Endemix in Frankfurt

Stand for Endemix from Frankfurt in 2010

2009 HTL in Dusseldorf

Stand done for HTL company on Medica fairs in Dusseldorf

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