Chosen realizations

Some examples of our executed projects

2018 Andrewex in Birmingham

Stand for Andrewex on garden exhibtion Glee in Birmingham. Stand executed together with Solution 4U

Stand Design: ABYSS
Stand construction: ABYSS

2018 Omax in Poznań

Stand for our long term partner, OMAX on ITM Poland in Poznań.

Stand Design: ABYSS(Danka)
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 HengFeng in Sofia

Stand for HengFeng on World Tobaco in Sofia. The project was executed with Demage, China

Stand design: Demage
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 TT in Sofia

Stand for TT on World Tobaco in Sofia. The stand was executed together with Demage

Stand Design: Demage
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 Beauty Trade Ukraine in Bologna

Stand for Beauty Trade Ukraine on Cosmoprof in Bologna

Stand Design: Nuevo Design
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 Kartopu in Cologne

For a few years now we assist Kartopu from Turkey on H+H in Cologne. 2017’s design and realisation achieved 2nd place in Expo of 2017 organised by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. We hope this design will get there as well.

  • Design: Saturn Architecture
  • Realisation: ABYSS
  • Product placement: Kartopu

2018 Smartplus Stuttgart

Stand for Smartplus on R+T show in Stuttgart. The exhibition has 2 years cycle and is dedicated to roller shutters, doors/gates, and sun protection systems.

Design: Demage
Realisation: ABYSS

2018 Harrish Brothers in Hanover

This year, for the first time, we had an opportunity to work with Harrish Brothers on Domotex in Hanover

Design: ABYSS
Realisation: ABYSS
Hanging rugs: ABYSS

2018 Rupesh Kumar & Sons in Hanover

Last few years always started with Heimtextil and Domotex. The biggest stand from that period is always Rupesh Kumar & Sons, a rug producer.

  • Design: ABYSS
  • Realisation: ABYSS
  • Product placement: ABYSS

2018 MAT in Hanover

It was our 10th anniversary of assisting MAT in European exhibition experiences, especially on Domotex in Hanover.

  • Design: ABYSS
  • Construction: ABYSS
  • Hanging the rugs: ABYSS

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