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2018 TT in Sofia

Stand for TT on World Tobaco in Sofia. The stand was executed together with Demage

Stand Design: Demage
Stand Construction: ABYSS

2018 Kartopu in Cologne

For a few years now we assist Kartopu from Turkey on H+H in Cologne. 2017’s design and realisation achieved 2nd place in Expo of 2017 organised by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. We hope this design will get there as well.

  • Design: Saturn Architecture
  • Realisation: ABYSS
  • Product placement: Kartopu

2018 Smartplus Stuttgart

Stand for Smartplus on R+T show in Stuttgart. The exhibition has 2 years cycle and is dedicated to roller shutters, doors/gates, and sun protection systems.

Design: Demage
Realisation: ABYSS

2018 Harrish Brothers in Hanover

This year, for the first time, we had an opportunity to work with Harrish Brothers on Domotex in Hanover

Design: ABYSS
Realisation: ABYSS
Hanging rugs: ABYSS

2018 Rupesh Kumar & Sons in Hanover

Last few years always started with Heimtextil and Domotex. The biggest stand from that period is always Rupesh Kumar & Sons, a rug producer.

  • Design: ABYSS
  • Realisation: ABYSS
  • Product placement: ABYSS

2018 MAT in Hanover

It was our 10th anniversary of assisting MAT in European exhibition experiences, especially on Domotex in Hanover.

  • Design: ABYSS
  • Construction: ABYSS
  • Hanging the rugs: ABYSS

2017 Parweld in Düsseldorf

Stand for Parweld on Schweissen & Schneiden exhibition in Dusseldorf

2017 Vision Wide in Hanover

Stand made for Vision Wide on EMO in Hanover. The stand was a collaboration with Kaigo, Taiwan.


2017 ABV in Amsterdam

Stand for ABV on IBC in Amsterdam. The realisation was done together with JR Exhibition

2017 Arkema in Nürnberg

Stand made for Arkema on European Coating Show (ECS) 2017. The project was executed in collaboration with CCE Organisation from France.

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