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2018 Nobel in Barcelona

Stand for Nobel on CPhI 2018 in Barcelona. The stand was executed in cooperation with Turkish company Saturn Architecture.

Design: Saturn Architecture
Construction: ABYSS

2018 Nobel w Barcelonie

Stoisko firmy Nobel na targach CPhI 2018 w Barcelonie. Realizacja wykonana wspólnie z turecką firmą Saturn Architecture.

Design: Saturn Architecture
Konstrukcja: ABYSS

2018 Kartopu in Cologne

For a few years now we assist Kartopu from Turkey on H+H in Cologne. 2017’s design and realisation achieved 2nd place in Expo of 2017 organised by Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. We hope this design will get there as well.

  • Design: Saturn Architecture
  • Realisation: ABYSS
  • Product placement: Kartopu

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